Sarah has enjoyed a ‘horsey addiction’ since she can remember. After many years of blowing out candles on the birthday cake and wishing for a pony, it finally came true at the age of 12. Chocky was Sarah’s first pony and also her partner in crime in her own family horse-drawn carriage business – ‘Sarah’s Carriage’.

Whilst studying for a Sports Science Degree, as an Equine degree was not as common as today, Sarah also achieved her BHSAI by the age of 21. Her days consisted of teaching P.E in a secondary school in the week and being a freelance riding instructor at weekends and in the holidays. Sarah would teach riding all over Thanet and was Chief Instructor for the local Pony Club branch. When Sarah wasn’t teaching she would show-jump or Event competitively every weekend all over the County and beyond.

In 2011 Sarah accomplished another dream which was to learn to drive two horses, pairs. Together with her friend Dawn Tilley, two 17hh black gelder-landers, Worthington and Wellington were purchased Sarah supports Quex Carriages providing horse-drawn carriages for weddings, special occasions and funerals.


Coaching at St. Lawrence College and married to a very supportive husband Mark and mum of two children, Didi and Sullivan, Sarah regularly rides and competes her 16.2hh Warmblood, Vernon. Quex Carriages is busy with weddings and funerals and her daughter Didi is keen on riding and attends Pony Club rallies regularly. Sarah wanted to start teaching at her second home, Hackthorne Stables and acquired a riding School Licence in 2014. Hackthorne became a Pony Club Linked Centre in 2016 and this enables members to join The Pony Club and work towards achievement badge and efficiency tests. Sarah also helps prepares students for their BHS exams.

Sarah will often be heard telling people how lucky she is to have her life surrounded by her passions. None of her achievements would have been possible without the amazing support from her parents, Jimmy and Sandra and all her much-loved horses along the way. Sarah knows how important it is to have the right person to teach a child to learn to ride and tailors all her lessons purely to the individual. She believes everyone should have a passion and through it, they should constantly grow in mindset and be inspired.